• ADMISSION IS FREE                             PURCHASES AVAILABLE AT EACH DISPLAY BOOTH                  


List of Artisan displays   (Listed in random order)

Gail                                                                     Homemade Jewellery & photography

Epicure                                                              Variety of spices to satisfy all

A Country Chameleon                                   Homemade Jams,  jellies, pickles    

Essential Oils                                                    pamper yourself

Glass & Whimsy                                              stained glass & original art   / Christmas Cards and more....   

Wiebe                                                                Christmas Decorations

L & L Fine Foods                                              European Sweets

Country Perogy Shop                                   Perogies

Ten Thousand Villages                                 fair trade handicrafts

Dennis                                                              prints, books and other printed items

Wilma                                                               Christmas Decoations

Linda                                                                 Artist  / Paintings    

Gary                                                                  Musical Instruments    

Amber                                                              Scentsy & Norwex

Anita                                                                Tupperware

Sara                                                                 Concrete rubarb leaves decors

Nancy                                                              Handsewn Bracklets/Jewellery/Christmas Decorations

Suzanne                                                          Paintings

Euro Foods                                                    European Christmas Goodies

Pic A Pop                                                        Nine Flavours of Pic A Pop

Lise                                                                  Handmade cards for all occassions

Julie                                                                 Christmas Decorations/Slippers and much more

Debbie                                                           Framed Prints, Photo cards

Ashleigh                                                         Jamberry Nails

Ang                                                                  PartyLite Candles  and more

Natalie                                                            Christian T-Shirts and Baby onesies

Matt                                                                German Christian literature and Berg Pedal go-karts

Ashley                                                            Mary Kay make-up and items to pamper oneself

HIDJAK Quail Farm                                     Quail Eggs

Christopher                                                 baked fruit pies, chocolate pecan pies, mincemeat tarts & more

Cheryl                                                            Wall Hangings, vintage skates and Christmas items

Margaret                                                      Denim Bags, Demin Blankets and knitted items

Michelle                                                        Barebook books, chinldren's books and games